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Environment Law

Belin McCormick regularly represents all parties in environmental matters, including major corporations, environmental groups, and individuals. The Firm provides legal counseling to corporations on regulatory compliance, permits, site cleanups, land use, and other environmental issues. Belin McCormick regularly handles plaintiff and defense litigation throughout the state involving all of the following areas: environmental cleanup and superfund, oil spills, civil enforcement actions, criminal investigation and prosecution of environmental violations, underground storage tank cleanup, environmental permits, national resources and land use, administrative rulemaking, EIS/EAW litigation, and professional liability. The Firm advises corporate clients on environmental regulations and permit requirements in all aspects of business, including manufacturing, real estate, construction, and development. The Firm's areas of practice include: environmental investigations and due diligence; purchase, sale, and leasing of contaminated properties; permits under Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, RCRA, and other federal and state environmental laws; lending issues and lender liability; regulatory compliance; EIS/EAW preparation; UST and AST permits; closures and cleanups; zoning and land use planning; environmental audits; product labeling; financial reporting; and taxation. The Firm's lawyers regularly negotiate on behalf of corporations with governmental agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice, and state pollution control agencies. The Firm assists clients with federal and state regulations regarding air quality, hazardous and solid waste, water and wetlands, land use, and the Endangered Species Act.

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